Marina, CA

Project Type

Like an attractive car that turns heads, Cardinale’s new headquarters is bold, polished and wows at first, second, and subsequent glances. The automotive dealer group wanted an office that embodied the excitement of owning and driving the finest car, and WRD Architects delivered the fitting interior design.

Each modern office space features a bold racing stripe in either red, yellow or gray. These vibrant colors were chosen to create a sense of movement to highlight the walls and floors as they travel throughout the building. In the showroom, the vehicles are framed by a gridded race deck flooring system.

The new headquarters literally shines. The refinished ruby desk in the lobby sparkles while the lustrous film covers add depth and richness. Highly polished flooring tiles illuminate the company logo at the entrance along with an artistic tire track pattern along the two main hallways.

WRD Architects’ interior design services extended to several collaborative workspaces, with the largest being the training room. The bold red stripe down the center of the room frames the dropdown video screen when it is in use, and the furniture provides flexible configuration options to fit different meeting or educational needs.


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