Enza Zaden


Salinas, CA

Project Type

In 2000, WRD Architects provided architectural and interior design services for Enza Zaden’s new seed manufacturing facility in Salinas.  The 17,400-square-foot facility included a warehouse for manufacturing, packing and controlled storage, a seed mill room, and 3,338 square feet for corporate offices.

Sixteen years later, in response to high seed demand, WRD returned to Enza Zaden’s Salinas headquarters to design a seamless 24,400-square-foot addition intended to consolidate all of the company’s operations under one roof.  The expansion included temperature- and humidity-controlled rooms for storing seeds as well as space to support the expanded seed cleaning, treatment, cold storage and packing processes. Consistent with the company’s commitment to sustainability, the roof areas were outfitted with solar panels.

Throughout the design process, WRD’s interior design team worked with the client to develop an innovative, fresh look consistent with the Enza Zaden brand. The open office design encourages easy communication and flexible workspaces, with sit-stand desks that promote employee wellness.


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