Natividad Acute Rehabilitation Center


Salinas, CA

Project Type

WRD Architects teamed with Natividad Medical Center to remodel its existing 21,000-square-foot Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU) — the largest of its kind in Monterey County. Located in Salinas, the ARU provides inpatient and outpatient services for individuals who have suffered an injury or complex medical condition that may cause a disability. This OSHPD-1 remodel was spurred by the increasingly consumer-driven nature of facility selection by new rehab patients.

The renovation added four acute rehabilitation beds and four new dialysis beds, bringing the total capacity of the ARU up to 24 beds.  The project also added new finishes, furnishings, equipment, and nurses’ stations throughout.  The ARU also features outdoor garden space and refurbished gym and dining room areas.

The project included meticulously planned phased improvements that were designed to minimize the impact of construction to the Unit’s patients. Despite the extensive reach of the project, not a single patient bed went empty as a result of construction. In total square footage of improvements, this is Natividad’s largest remodel since the hospital was built in 1999.


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