Monterey Downtown Plan


Monterey, CA

Project Type

In creating a plan to develop new business and tourism opportunities in Downtown Monterey, WRD Architects and Slavik Planning + Design Group spent two years conducting thousands of hours of community outreach and research to redesign Downtown Monterey’s plazas and streetscapes to improve access and commerce.

Presentations were given in many different locations across the Monterey community. Afterward, participants were invited to share their thoughts. Based on this input, WRD’s team would update the program to incorporate the latest ideas and suggestions. This iterative process of nearly 60 presentations helped WRD refine ideas and design well-received spaces and a widely-embraced downtown plan that reflects the Monterey community’s needs and aspirations. The outdoor seating area in front of Cafe Trieste on Alvarado Street was one of the first of these projects to be completed.


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